Tofino was named in 1792 by Spanish explorers for hydrographer Don Vincent Tofino, the area remained largely the territory of coast Natives who lived off the land and reaped the benefits of the surrounding forests and ocean.
In the early 1900s, there were only a handful of non-native settlers living in the area, considered then as one of the most remote parts of Canada. In 1913, a church was built at Tofino, soon followed by a post office, logging camps and stores. Access to the remote outpost was by ship until the threat of invasion in World War II saw the building of a military airport. Road access began Tofino’s transformation from a remote fishing village in the spectacular Clayoquot Sound to a world-class tourism destination.

Today Tofino boasts over 1,800 permanent residence and the population swells much higher in the summer months. Tofino has retained much of its charm & beauty by carefully managing development in the region. Tourism is the primary industry in the region.